Mr Bobo: Hot Piece of Year (So Far)

The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists is a very enjoyable movie. Among its many strengths is the character of Mr Bobo. Here is five reasons why he is the hottest piece to grace cinema screens this year so far…

1. Mr Bobo is a Monocle-Wearing Monkey

That’s right, Mr Bobo wearing a monocle. Monocles are fantastic on their own, but a monkey wearing one is even better. It shows that Mr Bobo has style and sophistication.

2. Mr Bobo Speaks Through Subtitled Cards

A great deal of amusement arises from the fact that Mr Bobo communicates through cards, rather like a silent movie star. In between all the others characters’ josling, Mr Bobo stands out through his silence and considered subtitles.

3. Mr Bobo is an Ambiguous Character

Everyone loves a bit of mystery. Mr Bobo’s intentions are not clear, both initially and a good way into The Pirates. This air of mystery adds to Mr Bobo’s charm.

YouTube Preview Image

4. Mr Bobo is More Than a Butler

Although Mr Bobo is introduced as a butler, his talents extend much further beyond this. No spoilers for those who have not seen the film yet, but suffice to say Mr Bobo is a skilled individual.

5. Mr Bobo lets Others take Centre Stage

Mr Bobo is not one of the film’s protagonists. He is happy to take a supporting role, letting others mug for the limelight. Mr Bobo knows that he does not need to be centre stage in order to be memorable.

The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists is out in cinemas on 28th march 2012.

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