Film Review: The Bad and the Beautiful

Vincente Minnelli’s classic film about filmmaking in Hollywood gets a cinematic re-release. The Bad and the Beautiful is more than worthy of its numerous accolades and critical success. A famous Hollywood actress, an award-winning screenwriter and a respected film director are all asked to take part in famed producer Jonathan Shield’s comeback project. When asked to make a decision by […]

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Film Review: Laura

Otto Preminger’s Laura deserves its place as a quintessential noir. The 1944 film exudes style and intrigue. Those unfamiliar with the film should definitely aim to catch it during its cinematic re-release. Police detective Mark McPherson is brought in to investigate the murder of Laura Hunt, a beautiful young advertising executive. As he identifies suspects, McPherson begins to fall in […]

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Film Review: Rebecca

One of Alfred Hitchcock’s finest films, Rebecca is difficult to fault. The film hits all the right notes, effortlessly blending drama, suspense and comedy. A young paid companion meets Maxim de Winter whilst accompanying her employer in Monte Carlo. After a brief courtship, she agrees to become the second Mrs de Winter, marrying the wealthy and older Maxim. Taking her […]

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