Film Review: Darling

Not as well known as it should be, John Schlesinger’s Darling is very much a product of the mid-1960s, yet its themes are entirely contemporary as to have resonance with audiences today. Diana Scott is a beautiful young woman living in London. In order to fulfill her modeling and acting aspirations, Diana decides to do whatever is necessary, and finds […]

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Film Review: Touch of Evil

Orson Welles’ film noir classic is still affecting over fifty years since its original release. Whilst the themes Touch of Evil focuses on are nothing new, it is the combination of said themes with the direction, cinematography and art design that generates a pervading atmosphere. Charlton Heston plays Mexican cop Vargas, who along with his new American bride Susan (played […]

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Film Review: Repulsion

Roman Polanski’s 1965 psychological thriller Repulsion packs a punch in the unnerving atmosphere it creates. Filmed in black and white, this low-budget picture was Polanski’s first English-language feature. Repulsion‘s narrative centres on Carol, a beautiful but distant French girl living with her sister in London. As the film progresses, her psychosis becomes more and more severe, resulting in cataclysmic effects. […]

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