Film Review: The Crazies

Eisner’s remake of the low-budget 1973 The Crazies Romero flick is an entertaining enough affair. The slick production gives it more of a blockbuster feel than the original, though the premise is much the same.

The contamination of a small town’s water supply leads to some strange behaviour, culminating in the presence of the undead and the containment of the residents. The Crazies falls more into the category of action film than horror, although there are a number of scares that appear straight out of the latter genre.

The narrative projects a negative view of authority and organised government, with the heartless approach taken by the military and the death of many innocent and unaffected civilians. More emphasis is laid on personal responsibility; it is up to hero Dutton to save himself and his companions, and despite being in the military, it is the choice of the soldier they capture to not give the group up.

Political commentary aside, The Crazies functions well as an action thriller. The unknown cast are adequate, although the dialogue is at times naff. The special effects, sound, editing and cinematography combine well to create a high-octane, and sometimes very gory, film. Whilst it may lack the terror of other zombie films, The Crazies is an entertaining ride. At the climax of the film, the viewer is in no doubt as to who the real villains are.

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