• Film Review: Running with the Devil

    Jason Cabell’s solo directorial debut Running with the Devil is refreshing in its commitment to harsh realities over cheap thrills, for the most part. Unfortunately this doesn’t make the film […]

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  • Film Review: Angel Heart

    Alan Parker’s neo-noir thriller Angel Heart is rightly considered a classic. Parker’s nightmarish vision is just as indelible over thirty years later. Private investigator Harry Angel is hired by a […]

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  • Film Review: Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    Director Michael Dougherty’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters is something of a po-faced monster movie. The emphasis on the human characters weighs the film down. It has been five years […]

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  • LFF 2019 Highlights Part 2

    With the 63rd BFI London Film Festival drawing to a close tonight, there have been a lot of wonderful movies this year. The best films of the first week can […]

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  • Film Review: Jacob, Mimmi and the Talking Dogs

    Edmunds Jansons’ Jacob, Mimmi and the Talking Dogs is an amiable animated adventure with a strong message at its core. When his father goes on a business trip, Jacob goes […]

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  • Film Review: Judy & Punch

    Mirrah Foulkes’ Judy & Punch is an impressive fairy tale. Boasting a distinctive atmosphere and strong performances, the film is an engrossing watch.  In the town of Seaside (which is […]

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  • Film Review: A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

    Director Marielle Heller’s A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood is a reflective and at times touching drama.  Writer Lloyd Vogel is assigned to complete a small profile on children’s television […]

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  • Film Review: So You Think You Know How It Ends

    The following short films are being screened as part of the When You Think You Know How It Ends programme at this year’s London Film Festival. Be Still My Beating […]

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  • Film Review: Waves

    Trey Edward Shults’ Waves is tender, powerful, and finely executed.  High school wrestler Tyler struggles with balancing practice, family life, and his relationship with his girlfriend. His sister Emily, meanwhile, […]

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  • Film Review: First Love

    Takashi Miike’s First Love is an incredibly fun action movie. The veteran filmmaker has not lost his touch. Leo is a young boxer who is given a life-changing diagnosis. He […]

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Film Review: The Wolfman

“Even a man who is pure in heart”, the remake begins, instantly impressing the weight of the original on this new version of the lycanthropic tale. In the current climate of the modern gothic in films such as Twilight and television series’ like True Blood, it is refreshing to see a Victorian-set gothic horror. Comparisons will be made to the […]

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