The Hunger Games Trailer

[youtube][/youtube] When a friend told me what The Hunger Games was about, I thought they were joking. When I watched this trailer, I realised they were telling the truth after all. What in Mortal-Kombat-hell is this?! Jennifer Lawrence stars as Katniss Everdeen, a teenager who takes her younger sister’s place in a fight to the death that is broadcast on […]

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Film Review: The Beaver

Jodie Foster’s paean to togetherness hits and misses in its attempts to elicit emotion. The Beaver may have an amusing premise, but the tone is distinctly serious. Walter Black suffers with depression, despite efforts to treat his illness. When his wife Meredith throws him out of the house, Walter makes a failed suicide attempt. Waking up, he decides to use […]

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Film Review: Winter’s Bone

Winter’s Bone is an unremittingly bleak film, yet at the same time it is absorbing for the entire duration. Seventeen-year-old Ree takes care of her mentally ill mother and two younger siblings in an isolated Ozark Mountain community. When she finds out her father has put up their house has collateral for his bail and is now missing, Ree takes it […]

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